The ultimate aim for my game was to create something simple and easy to follow because these are the games that I like to play. I tend to lean towards playing card games with my friends and family and personally find that they are more convenient but also allow enough room for competition and angry comments. I thoroughly enjoy the simplicity of these games and wanted to create my own to play with friends and family.

My game design is based on the popular games “Cards against Humanity” and “UNO“, however it (can) include(s) drinking and singular words. There is roles of domination through the “king” and the general theme for the game is to create humour in the most basic way possible. As someone who only plays card games before going out, I am drawn to simple games, and purposely chose to do a very basic and easy-to-follow game.


  • King is to start the game – and choose the theme for the round.
  • Elimination of cards is used to create competition between players and build tensions.

How it works

My game, named “Bards against humanity*” is played like this:

  1. The tallest player is elected KING.
  2. The other players draw seven cards each from the centre.
  3. The king decides a theme for the BARDS to follow.
  4. The bards are to use one of their cards in a poem/song which will be presented to the king.
  5. The king decides his favourite and the role of king is then moved clockwise.
  6. Wildcards have been added which include ‘pickup +1 cards’ which means the bard must use that card picked up in their creation.
  7. Wildcards will be shuffled through the deck and can be picked up at random – the bard who collects the wildcard can hand it out when they like and overall skip their turn.
  8. I am still undecided if i want the game to be similar to the card game Uno in the sense that the person with no cards left wins – still a work in progress through play testing.

Theme examples:

  • Songs of praise
  • All songs should be dedicated to the king etc.

Time limit:

  • There is a 45 second time limit for the bards to create their song/poem

When to drink?

  • The king and the winning bard must drink after determining the winner. The winner can also choose one person who they want to drink.
Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 1.05.43 pm
An example of playing cards, including a wildcard.

After researching the costs of production of this game – meaning the cost of plain playing cards and printing resources, it seems that the cost of production will be marginally higher than expected, considering plain white playing cards are going to put me out A$26.99. I’m definitely considering creating my own playing cards for my prototype, just to get the general idea of how the game works.


The game consists only of playing cards –

  • 100 worded cards
  • 15 wildcards

I found that this number of cards would e ideal in a larger group and will be enough to keep the game going for however many rounds necessary to win/until it gets old.

Marketing + Distribution

Bards Against Humanity’s* target audience demographic will be from ages 18 + considering it can be played as a drinking game. Behavioural variables show audience are attracted to similar card games and are looking for a new and upcoming indie brand game which is both entertaining and disgusting. The purpose for the game is to get the creative juices flowing in order to create the most amazing song/poem for the king. Target audience psychographics include individuals who are more likely to consume alcohol and students who study at tertiary education institutions.

Distribution of the game will be through Amazon and Etsy, with expansion packs which will become available to people who are tired of playing with the pre-existing cards – or if there are more than 5 players and there isn’t enough cards available. The deck of cards will weigh around 205g. Through Australia Post, express shipping from Wollongong to Sydney would cost $10.85, whereas standard shipping would cost $8.50. The actual production cost of the cards themselves would be around USD$15.80 for 50-99 decks of cards.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 12.45.43 pm.png
Pricing from this website:

I have also considered creating a file which is downloadable for users to print out themselves at home. This is a cheaper alternative and makes the game easily accessible for everyone to enjoy. It is also a cheaper alternative on my end, being a PDF file which is drawn up once and distributed as requested by consumers.

I aim to have this game completed by the weekend in order to start play testing with friends and family. This will help me determine which aspects of the game need to be altered.

*Name subject to change – pls help me think of something mildly creative.