King of Tokyo is a game which was created in 2011 by iellogames. The aim for the game is to take over Tokyo either by defeat or gaining power. The game is designed to be played between 6-8 people and can be purchased for USD$39.99 on the shop section of iello games.


When unboxing the game, we came across a set of rules, which clearly explained the game, the playing board, cards which would benefit us in return of energy, and small green cubes which are said energy. The design of the game was bright and colourful and designed in a cartoon style. The monsters were in particular appealing because they are clearly different species and rivals, which adds to the competition of the game. The game also comes with 6 dice where each side has a different symbol or number. Each dice included a lightning bolt (representing energy), claw (meaning attack) and a heart (signalling health). The numbers one, two and three, are also on the dice which represents points which can be an important aspect of winning.


The game is relatively easy to learn, and the instructions are direct and informative. The game is played by rolling the eight dice, choosing the ones you want to keep unrolled, and re-rolling the other dice in order to get a desired result. Depending on the result of the throws, you can decide which tactic you want to use in order to win. Personally, I went with the tactic of gaining  the most victory points, to which I got to 19 and was killed off. Other strategies include focusing on attacking other players, building up your own health. Players cam also accumulate energy and purchase cards which could ultimately help them win. The cards are designed in a way in which it allows players to purchase these perks and get a level above other players. 17309176_795642797278956_6717600566628842718_n.jpg

Overall, King of Tokyo is an awesome game to play and also really easy to get an understanding of. The actual game boards which each player gets is great at helping keep score of victory points and health, and has indications of when you’re getting low on either of them. The actual design and characters of the game is bright, colourful and animated which makes it more enjoyable to play.


When playing the game, it is easy to get caught up in different strategies. Personally, I leaned towards gaining a quiet victory through victory points while keeping my health up just in case. However, I was exposed and quickly shot down by my competitors. It was a sad death but would definitely play again using a different strategy. In my group, we all focused on different strategies, one person focused on buying cards, another person focused on attacking and gaining points and the other person focused solely on attack. The game was won on points, however it was a close call and it could have been anyones game.

It’s easy to see how this game has become so successful and won many awards. The creator Richard Garfield is known from his popular game Magic: The Gathering, which is another successful game. It’s easy to see that this guy knows what he is doing when it comes to board/card games. Since King of Tokyo’s release, there has been several characters introduced, a “Power Up” edition and Halloween editions have also been added.


King of Tokyo is an awesome game to play with a group of friends or for family game night. It’s easy to learn how to play, allowed for strategy and involved complexity which makes it interesting and exciting for the players. This is a game that I would highly recommend to others and is next on my list of games to buy.