The internet of things (IoT) is basically having an interconnected system of computing, mechanical and digital devices. These objects that are provided with identifiers which allow the ability to transfer data over networks without requiring human to computer interactions.

This weeks lecture focuses on the development of the IoT has changed and overall transforming it (le internet)  from being an intangible collection of data to encompass things that people can touch.

Pretty much, we are living in a world which allows everyday objects to become active participants within our lives. My only personal connection is Siri on my iphone.. she isn’t very helpful though.

Although technology is evolving and changing, we are moving towards objects that have their own abilities to communicate with us and with each other. Siri is probably one of these that everyone has access too (samsung has their own equivalent). She allows us to communicate effectively with our device, whether it be to call someone for us, tell us the weather or to change the song.. she’s got our back even though she sometimes needs us to repeat our demand a couple of times.