The internet is all fun and games until we loose all our personal information and identity almost. I know that I have posted a lot of stuff about myself online, especially when I was younger and had a tumblr account (cringe). My parents have always warned me about being careful on the internet, especially after my MSN account was hacked in year 5 and I cried a lot. I was HACKED and I was like 10 and felt so attacked.

This weeks topic speaks about dark fibres being the unused or ‘dark’ network infrastructure. The ‘dark fibre’ movement looks at the bad parts if the internet like hackers, botnets and cyberwars.

Although these terms sound not real or made up from a sci fi movie or something, they are truly real and the digital world which has flourished has to have down sides to it. The rise of hacktivism has reached its peak and we’ve seen people like Edward Snowden and Anonymous take over to protect the public by releasing classified documents.

Althought this isprobably to most commonly know example, there is such thing called BotNets and other hacking tools which are purchased to be used on everyday people and gains the personal inforamtion of the victims without them knowing or their permission. The scary thing is that these tools are easily accessible to those who wish to purchase and are reasonably cheap… wonderful.

So after my traumatic experience of being hacked in year 5, I knew that the internet was not safe. Now after knowing the rise of hacking tools and technologies, i am at an even larger risk at losing my personal information to randoms on the internet.. that’s scarier than someone reading my MSN conversations.

TLDR; Be careful what you post on the internet because people will probably hack you and ruin your life (maybe not so dramatic but definitely possible.)