Social media has become a tool which allows users to create change. With new social media platforms being created everyday, it means that we are able to send messages out onto different levels and to different people.

However, the most common platforms to bring about change have been YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These are the most popular social media platforms which gain larger traction and impact wider audiences. We can use #hashtags on all of these platforms to sort information, and this also allows us to follow things which are already happening. This allows a cross border communication system, influencing  international connections to discuss these topics.

There have been a huge amount of social media campaigns, however the ones which were mentioned in this weeks topic include #mena, #arabspring and #maidan which are all great examples of social network revolutions. A few other examples are #BlackLivesMatter and the Peter Greste case – the journalist who was jailed in Egypt. There was a social media campaign launched for his freedom, which attracted many celebrities and people all around the globe.

Although there are many social media campaigns which have been successful, there have definitely been some which have lacked in impact. For example, the Yemen campaign. There are many more campaigns which promote their cause and attract change and create a direct impact for help.