Citizen journalism has risen to popularity throughout the years with the development of social media platforms. Essentially, it allows the citizens to talk about current events and issues happening around the world, and sorting these through #hashtags.

With the build up of such platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Reddit, the speed in which news and updates are received is greatly higher than a large news organisation. The speed of these events and sending out important information regarding them is more valuable than the larger organisations. There are many examples where citizen journalism can be best seen. One popular example is the Boston Bombings in 2013. The New York Times coverage lacked severely in comparison to the citizens on Reddit and Twitter, which instantaneously posted about the events that occurred.

There’s always the thought that the events which people are posting about could potentially be inaccurate. However, if it is a large scale event, it would be obvious if someone is posting false information. Anyway, the content would be out in the open before any news organisation could write about it.

It has recently become a common thing where news anchors and presenters are using Twitter as a medium to tweet breaking news and be social commentators on various topics. Social media has become this huge platform, and enables its users to post whatever they want whenever they want.