The battle between Apple and Android seems to be a common misconception. The discussion of which device has better functionalities and which one looks better is always the first thing people talk about. Although, the standard user would think these are some of the main differences, the actual software of each device proves to be the biggest difference between the two. Apple devices work off a closed system, whereas Android devices work off an open system. From this, the user is to decide whether they prefer comfort or freedom.

As an Apple user, I am aware that I am following the constructs of a walled garden. Apples system allows users to use their devices in comfort by having control over the platform, user and content. The closed platform means that no one can copy or interfere with the software, making it a much simpler device to use.

Android is the complete opposite of this, allowing users to custom create and work on their own open device. The system has been expanded by Google by allowing users to access Google Play and other (unofficial) app markets where users can easily create their own apps and place them on these services. Google essentially has no control over this platform, the content or its users.

As an Apple user, I prefer the comfort of its services, efficiency and easy connectivity through iCloud which pairs all of my Apple devices together. As a simple person, I prefer my software and systems to be matching, and am personally not interested in creating my own custom software. All power to the people who are interested though!