Many users of mobile devices are unsure of what their devices are allowing them to do. A “walled garden” is the a block which stops apple and android devices from crossing over. A common example of this block can be seen through app stores – the two key players being Apple and Android stores.

The development of these programs means that some popular applications are not available to specific devices. This article shows some of the most useful apps which are not available to users of android phones. This closed platform restricts users to pick one device or the other, and ultimately disallowing the combination of both.

However, there are positives to being part of the walled garden. There is a constant control and monitoring of platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube which enables the creators to monitor the apps which gain the most traction. Some platforms are now requiring users to add their mobile numbers in order to keep their account ‘secure’. This can be seen as a negative move because this gives the services the power to exploit this information to bombard users with unrelated or unnecessary content which you do not want to receive. This can also result in the blocking of content which you do want to see. Its a lose/lose situation essentially.

The walled garden does not allow users to break down the wall, we are trapped with no means to escape. Although this is the case, there are new developments in the works which enable users to break down the wall, you just have to know where to find it.