As consumers, it is interesting to note how our attention span has changed over the years due to the overflowing of information and having content easily available to us whenever we require it.

With digital media emerging now more than ever, traditional media platforms (or old media) are needing to adjust in different ways. Particularly in the sense that money is no longer the goal, the new target is the attention of consumers.

We live in a world where if we are unsatisfied with something we are reading or watching, we can easily switch the channel, flip the page or click the next link in order to find something that is more interesting or relatable to them. If nothing is still interesting, there are other options like directly researching something interesting through a quick google search.

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 7.55.21 pm

However, sometimes it is the consumer who is unsure of what they want. I know personally that searching for that perfect movie on Netflix can be a long and draining process. Or even in the real world, I can never decide whether I want option A for lunch or option B #firstworldproblems.

These are some examples of why attention is the most valuable currency in the changing media landscape.

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