This weeks topic of “Liquid Labour” reminded me of a Facebook post which I saw a while ago. The post specifically was about how many social media sites and other businesses do not own or create their own content – only pass on what users and creators have posted. Although this is the case, it is these businesses and websites which remain to be the most popular. As consumers, we are the ones who create the content for these websites.

Specifically, Facebook relies on the consumers of the website to become the hard working citizens and use the site as an information space. The interactions we have with our embarrassing family members and weird friends all create information flows and also continues the current information flows. Ultimately, Facebook has been designed to keep users creating content in order to keep the flow of information… flowing (?)

As consumers, we are doing more than we think when it comes to using social media. We sort through the information subconsiously, add our own inputs and remove the faulty items – just like a production line. The only difference is that we don’t have to physically do these things, we do them online without even realising. This new mode of work creates new interactions that allows information to be flowing continuously.