Power is the main force behind the transformation and direction of the network society. The power is located within the networks which ultimately shape society. You’re probably thinking “wtf are you talking about liv you weirdo?”

BUT what this means is that Networks are all about connections and holds the key to power in our network societies. Larger companies and businesses tend to hold a lot more success than the smaller and more independent guys. This is because the larger companies know how to network their business in order to maintain the growth and success and continue expanding around the world.

The key to power is located in the structure of that networks society. These mechanisms are of which connect or disconnect networks on the basis of programs and strategies. Ultimately, its how we are connected to technology and media through different aspects of our society.

This weeks topic basically highlights the way in which our society is moving into a more digitalised world. Technology is becoming more and more connected to our daily lives and the speed in which we receive that information makes us more dependent on the technology.

We can now receive instantaneous news articles as soon as they are posted, check out the weather forecast and feed our pets at the click of a button. These are all ways in which we are dependent on our technology in our every day lives.Ultimately, technology is shaping our future of how we interact with the internet.