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sky                   water



From listening to Meredith’s sound piece “ease”, I found myself imagining a whimsical and ethereal fairytale. The voices in the voice make the piece sound almost magical. I tried to portray the sounds in image by capturing photographs of what I imagine or think about when listening.

The photographs show nature which are all in colour, and the road and non natural things in black and white. I wanted to show the true colours of the natural things. The road and other miscellaneous things are in black and white to show the hardness. This contrasts against the sound piece but I believe that it works well to create a different angle to my photographs.

Michael Snedic was inspiring for my gallery. His photographs encapsulate nature in a different way and I truly enjoy the way he photographs. His use of colour is inspiring for some of my images, but he also uses black and white images to portray different emotions.