1. Gemma Molle’s report on advertising and marketing in the media has been executed well. The layout overall is good because the blocks of text are broken up by gifs, images and videos which allow the viewer to break down what is trying to be said. The overall report is very well structured and written although not too formal, which makes it a breeze to understand. The author is informed about the topic and understands what she is writing which makes it easier to break down as a reader. The use of embedding and hyperlinks makes the report easier to follow if the reader was to research more about the topic, but overall it is a great, informative report.
  2. Journalist’s might choose video over still photography to help convey a better message with more meaning or to convey feelings that the subject has. However, still photography can create meaning depending on what is being photographed. Preperation for visual interview is much more time consuming because it involves setting up microphones and cameras while also having to prepare and organise questions for the interviewee. Overall, it takes a lot more effort to put together an audio slideshow than I expected. It is very time consuming and I commend journalist’s who can do this everyday.