The three journalists that I have recently started following are Karl Stefanovic, Lee Lin Chin and Jeannette Francis. Judging from their first page of tweets, all three journalists use twitter to tweet what they are feeling/doing/think is funny. For example, Lee Lin’s most recent tweet says:

It seems that they don’t use twitter as a medium for tweeting news or events, although it isn’t restricted. Lee Lin’s tweets are often hilarious and she has gained an internet popularity for her quirky dress sense and her humour. Karl Stefanovic is another journalist who has gained popularity online, mainly for his role on The Today Show. His humour shines through on the show and fans often quote him on twitter, which he then retweets:

Karl tweets the most about his journalism out of the three I have chosen, and he is often promoting the work of his colleagues. He is also the least active on twitter, but I guess his air-time on The Today Show makes up for that.

Jeannette Francis has an awesome twitter, which again, is not used very much for tweeting actual journalism but to reach fans across the nation. Jeannette and Lee Lin both work for SBS so it is often seen that they tweet each other and promote each others work.