1. In the audio piece named “Not like other teenagers”, the subject Jordyn can be heard minimally talking about her favourite place being Nowra Soccer Oval. The music which opens the audio piece are very fun and uplifting, and this music is played throughout the entirety of the clip. The ambient sounds of the birds and the children laughing really add to what the subject is saying which connects the trees and soccer oval’s together. It is often heard that children are laughing and birds are singing around large sporting ovals. One downfall of this story is the lack of narrative. It seems that the subject is not talking much and is not being very descriptive about their connection to the soccer oval. There is a lot of sound going on, but there is an obvious lack of content. This could be considered good and bad. Good because it means that the ambient sounds and music can clearly be heard and describe what Jordyn feels about her place, but it can be seen as bad because there is not enough content to tell her story.

2. https://storify.com/livtartaro/how-to-record-the-best-audio-on-your-smartphone