A lot of these statements have been very personal, which is understandable because they are the direction we aspire to follow after university and careers we dream of having one day.

For me personally, my dream is to work on radio. Not as a newsreader, but as a host. I want to make people happy and make people laugh and I believe that radio is a way in which I can achieve that through mass audience. My love for music has also played an important role in deciding to work in radio, and i have an appreciation for all kinds of music.

In class, we were told ‘if you can reach a mass audience outside your targeted audience then you’ve succeeded in your job as a journalist’. Hopefully with working in radio, I can be known as an iconic person in the community or someone well known overseas for contributing something to the world. I don’t know what that will be, but i’m hoping it will be awesome. I’m going to start out small in the radio industry, and work my way up the ranks and hopefully to an international level where I can one day work for England’s BBC Radio 1.

However, working in radio involves some trashy talk, but hopefully I can work past that and discuss real issues in the world that aren’t being spoken about in mainstream media. I’d like to keep the people listening informed about worldly topics while simultaneously having fun and listening to some cool tunes. I’d like to see myself going down the track of being satiric through radio form and seems like a strong way of getting important points across, John Oliver is a great example in which I’d like to follow.

Hopefully one day I can fulfil my radio career, and look back on this post and think “Hell yeah, i’ve proven myself” or something slightly more inspirational. OR maybe I will cringe at my terrible writing ability. Oh well, either way I’m going to be successful in what I do through hard work.