Jesse Tyssen, pondering the future of Journalism
Jesse Tyssen, pondering the future of Journalism

“I believe the biggest issue is the uncertainty of jobs. Many journalists are being made redundant, and only time will tell if the digitalisation of the media will in fact decrease or increase job numbers.” Garth Burley, first year journalism student at University of Wollongong (UOW) expressed his uneasiness with his future as a sport’s writer. With media convergence in full swing, the decline in print media has established an unsettling feeling in many student’s stomachs. However, this may also open up more job opportunities online which require different skills.

Currently in the process of completing a Double Degree in Journalism/International Studies, Bethany Ross says she is interested in foreign correspondence, “I want to spend majority of my career working in war zones – in particular, the Middle East.” Bethany believes that there are many issues in journalism. In her field of work she is interested in, she believes that a lack of accurate information and the quick spread of information can alter what is true: “The way the IS have spread false portrayals and propaganda to the western world so quickly and widely, journalists now have to clean up the mess ensuring citizens are getting the truth.”

18 year old student, Jesse Tyssen is studying a Bachelor of Visual Arts/Journalism. He has not always wanted to be a journalist, but with a passion for writing and travel, he has taken an interest in a future career as a Foreign Correspondent. Jesse believes that if he can get people to act in light of his work, that’s when he knows that he has done his job. Jesse is feeling positive towards his future, yet he takes the issue of subjectivity into consideration. “Any subjectivity implied will alter the light that the receptor sees it and it can be addressed so subtlety”. The Scott McIntyre tweets are an example of how subjectivity in the media can cause issues for individuals, and perhaps put their job on the line. Scott McIntyre aside, Jesse believes that if he can get people to act in light of his work, that’s when he knows that he has done his job.

For Mackenzie Viney, Journalism is being used as a stepping-stone to get an introduction to the entertainment industry, and to ultimately help her achieve her goal of being an actress. Mackenzie believes that information being portrayed in the media may not be the whole truth, leading consumers to believe false information. “I think that generally there are some great journalists out there, especially news reporters who do a lot of research and present first hand accurate facts. There are also some journalists who assume it is okay to make up bits of information to fill the gaps and it puts a negative name our there for reports who are actually truthful.”

It is through these issues with today’s journalist and journalism itself that instills a bit of fear in every undergraduate’s mind. However, despite these fears towards journalism, UOW students are hopeful when it comes to their future. No matter what their future holds, they continue to stay hopeful and show a clear passion for journalism or any other careers they are interested in, and its unlikely that they’ll let anything stand in their way.