Citizen Journalism refers to anything being posted online by users on various social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, even WordPress! Citizen journalism can be anything as long as it informs the audience about what is happening around the world. This can be made easier through hashtags, which are used very often on these social media sites, particularly twitter which is based on Trending Topics through the use of hashtag.

Although Citizen Journalism sounds like an awesome concept, there are also negative parts to it. Anyone having the ability to post can cause issues with the notion of “Gatekeeping”. Gatekeeping is the concept of watching everything that is being posted. With citizen journalism, there is no gatekeeping which means that there could be untrue information being posted for the world to see, but it is up to the reader to determine whether they believe it or not.

The positive aspect of Citizen Journalism is that through social media, information is sent out instantaneously for the world to view. This is a contributing factor of why news media is a fading trend. It allows instant communication for readers rather than waiting for it to be written and printed for readers to see the next day. Citizen journalism helps keep social media users informed on topical issues and other worldly issues around the world. This example can be seen through the Nepalese earthquakes with the hashtag #nepal. Many people are tweeting information relating to the disaster which helps to inform other people around the world.