The concept of Remixing and Remix culture through the inflation of produsage has become an important part of our culture through convergent technological advances.

Technological convergence has allowed different media to become mixed, matched or remediated all together! A popular opinion in today’s society is that everything has been remixed and there is no originality in modern media. Music today is mostly comprised of 4 chord beats, and this awesome video demonstrates how popular music follows the rule of using 4 chords:

Remixing is often associated with music, but can be seen in other mediums such as video and art. There isn’t much of a difference between originality and remixing and these days, its often hard to come across an original piece.. Does this mean that almost everything is a remix? Music that is played in clubs and parties is the best example of remixing. DJ’s generally keep the lyrics and change the beat of a song, often making it faster. Adding other sound effects and often mixing in other songs creates a remediated piece. DJ Earworm is a popular DJ who makes large remixes at the end of each year, using the most popular songs from the year. This is from last year:

Remixing further demonstrates our participatory culture and prosumerism which is part of our society and the development of our technological convergent world.