Journalism is the activity or profession of writing for newspapers, magazines or of broadcasting news on radio or television (Oxford Dictionaries). This could be seen as “classic journalism” today due to digital and technological convergence which is changing the way in which we view media stories.

Modern Journalism can now include DRONES! Drones are starting to fly into a peaceful, yet equally controversial role in the media. Rapid technological convergence in low-cost aerial platforms herald the age of Drone Journalism. The new media tool can expect to be buffeted by the issues of safety, ethics and legality.

Drone Journalism can be useful in situations of violence and danger, perhaps in war torn countries where it may pose a threat to traditional journalists. The drones fly around while filming everything from a birds eye view and creates insight to what is really happening. This video demonstrates it:

Drone journalism rose to popularity after a Polish activist launched a small craft called a quadrocopter. He flew the drone low over riot police lines to record a violent demonstration in Warsaw. The pictures were extraordinarily different from run-of-the-mill protest coverage.

Although Drone Journalism is an awesome way to report on news stories, it can also pose ethical issues. This hierarchy of ethics demonstrates the rules which drone journalists should follow.

Overall, Drone Journalism is an awesome way in which news and media reports can show events which are happening all over the world. The use of drones creates a safe environment for the journalist, all while getting close and personal on the subject being filmed. The ethics which will be encountered should be followed to create a newsworthy story.