It has been the biggest debate ever (probably).. APPLE vs. ANDROID. But which do you prefer?

It was 1972, the release of the world’s first smartphone. This changed the way of communication between civilians’ forever. This led the way for future developments and the introduction of smartphones. Apple and Android have constantly been compared to each other and are both the biggest mobile phone providers in the world. However, both providers are completely different. The question that has caused many heated arguments between family members and friend’s is: WHICH ONE IS BETTER? That is totally dependent on personal preference, there is no specific answer.

Android allows users to modify their phone and allows for a more “communal” environment where anyone and everyone can modify codes and create apps. With the combinations of the Google Play store and independent Android markets, it makes it easier for apps to be created and downloaded easily. There is no control over the platform, the content or the users. This can be seen as a positive or a negative thing to different people. Android is commonly used by people who enjoy creating and building the way their smartphones work.

Apple provides a closed system of operating. The company has full control of what applications and modifications can be made to your smartphone. Apps can only be downloaded through the App Store, which has a strict regulation of what apps can be sold, and have to be approved by the company before it hits the market (This is considered a “Walled Garden” of apps). Apple products can be seen as easy to use and are often used by the everyday person (including me!) because of the simplicity.

So this leaves me to ask, which person are you? Android or Apple?